Beth is an inspiration to women across the country and I am blessed to have her in my life. She always puts life back into the correct perspective!
 – Jenna, North Andover, MA

Beth is such an inspiration. I love reading her postings.  
 – Pam, Pawleys Island, SC

Beth is a dynamic speaker with a passion that leads others directly to the throne of God. Utilizing her magnetic personality and natural ability to connect with people, Beth focuses her teaching on biblical truths for living a vibrant, godly life that will draw others to the King of kings. She brings God's Truth to life with captivating illustrations and entertaining stories that reveal the freedom and joys believers can experience as children of the Most High King.  
 – Julie, Conference Attender

Beth is an outstanding communicator, passionate about truth and the details of presenting that truth with excellence, Beth is an asset to any women's event. I've been privileged to watch Beth's progress and professionalism over the past ten years. Beth is a quality woman of God who clearly and candidly shares truth with everyone she meets. I subscribe to PrayerPal, her daily e-devotional, which consistently brings me closer to God with timely nuggets from His Word. I have no reservations in enthusiastically recommending Beth Rudy to you!
 – Nancy Sebastian Meyer, Speaker, Author, hope4hearts

Beth personifies the fulfillment of the greatest of all commandments: to love the Lord our God with all our hearts, with all our souls and with all our strength. And she communicates this with enthusiasm, clearly teaching the truths of God’s Word and applying those truths to our everyday lives. Her passion is infectious. The Holy Spirit has truly used her ministry to affect many lives and the results bring glory to God – which is Beth’s overwhelming purpose. I recommend her highly as a dedicated and dynamic speaker and writer.
 – David A. Thomann, Senior Pastor, Faith Bible Fellowship Church
Looking for a speaker whose love for the Lord is contagious? Whose devotion to His Word is unquestioned? Whose life authentically reflects what she teaches? Beth Rudy is the woman for you! Time and time again Beth has proven herself capable of using God’s Word to penetrate the hearts of the teen girls in my student ministry. Her teaching skills are matched only by her natural ability to relate to youth in a way that stirs together encouragement, inspiration, and joy. Beth has been a “true treasure” to my ministry, as I’m sure she will be to yours.
– Keith Long, Youth Pastor, Faith Bible Fellowship Church


Prayer Pal is powerful as well as inspirational, and it is very evident that Beth waits upon God to speak something life-giving into her spirit before she shares it with others. She is not only a writer at Treasures of Truth, but a treasure of truth herself!
– Kim Butts, Co-founder, Harvest Prayer Ministries

Beth is dedicated to fulfilling the call of God on her life. Not only is she passionately committed to ministry, but she consistently challenges her own personal growth. Beth successfully models a lifestyle of service through her role as a wife, mother, writer, and wage earner. You will find her teachings to be refreshing, rejuvenating, and reassuring. God’s Word flows from her heart through the power of the Holy Spirit, the very reason her writings continue to impact thousands around the world. 
– Anita Keagy, Author, Speaker, Founder, JoyShop

We know that we pray God’s will when we pray God’s Word. When I pray with Beth Rudy's Prayer Pal devotions, I'm moved in a unique way. She has a gift of bringing the Word to life through prayer that I've encountered no where else. She has taught me how to read scripture, and pray scripture in a way that draws me closer to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
– Melissa Milbourn, Worship Leader

Beth Rudy loves God fervently. Beth Rudy loves her family whole heartedly. Beth Rudy loves people caringly. Beth Rudy loves His people sacrificially. Beth Rudy loves to communicate by writing and speaking His Truths avidly. Therefore, it is my privilege as a friend and one of her pastors to commend her to you as a speaker and a writer who lives to glorify God and rejoices in proclaiming Him at every opportunity.
– Pastor Claire Harstad, Faith Bible Fellowship Church

I have had the pleasure of hearing Beth Rudy communicate in her capacity as President of the Susquehanna Advanced Toastmasters Club. Beth connected with me immediately with her genuine, enthusiastic, and warm demeanor. Over several months I have noticed her strong sense of responsibility, her ability to inspire listeners, and her skill at articulating a vision that motivates listeners. I am happy to give a hearty endorsement to the communication and leadership abilities of Beth Rudy.
– Dilip R. Abayasekara, Ph.D., Accredited Speaker
CEO, Dr. Dilip, LLC
Toastmasters International President, 2005-2006
Author, The Path of the Genie – Your Journey to Your Heart’s Desire

At our youth retreat, Mrs. Rudy taught us Truth about purity with passion, sincerity and love. Using the analogy of pure and precious pearls, she challenged us to toss aside our tarnished chains and adorn ourselves like daughters of the King with the opulent jewels of Jesus: compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, forbearance, and forgiveness. The overflow of joy in her heart splashes on everyone around her. By listening to and watching this wonderful lady, I have learned to live abundantly in Christ Jesus.
– Alana, Conference Attendee

When I attended a weekend women's retreat with the ladies from my church there were several difficult things going on in my personal life. My heart was heavy. I was struggling to understand God, read His word, and even to pray. I had made so many mistakes. Could I ever be forgiven and free? Fortunately, the speaker, Beth Rudy, spoke and taught on my level and God spoke to me. When I opened my Bible and notes during our time of personal reflection it all made sense. Beth helped me drop my burdens at the Cross and committed to pray for me. I was able to go home a different way – on the road to forgiveness with a much lighter load.
–Anne, Conference Attendee

When Beth first gave me information about Prayer Pal, following a ladies’ retreat, I never intended to read it. Sometime later, I came across it and decided to subscribe via email. Every day since, I have looked forward to reading the uplifting Words God has said to her. Her treasures of truth brighten my days.
– Anne, Prayer Pal Reader

Beth has a good, godly approach to illustrating what people need for abundant everyday living. The Scriptures she chooses, along with her descriptive commentary and uninhibited transparency makes her shine like a diamond in the night sky.
– JoLene Hawbaker, Administrative Assistant for the Missionary Development Program, Brethren in Christ World Missions