The Opulent Treasure of Christlikeness
Every beautiful, radiant pearl begins with an irritant. Be inspired to turn your irritants into pearls, and discover how to display them for God's glory. Like the prophet Zechariah encouraged, "You will sparkle like jewels in his land, like jewels in a crown. How attractive and beautiful they will be!" (Zechariah 9: 16b-17a)

The Magnificent Treasure of Abiding with God
Weddings are a worldwide obsession. The best one is yet to come. Our Holy Wedding Day. If the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ, were to come for you today, would you be prepared to say "I do" to Him?

The Radiant Treasure of Joyful Hope
Are you in a hard place - feeling harassed, hopeless, or helpless? In this interactive class, we will delve into the Treasure Chest of Truth, God's Word, and look at Hannah, a deeply troubled woman of God. Like Hannah, we can experience heavenly happiness in hard places and peace in pain. Hannah's heart, hope, and humility will inspire you to know God intimately and trust Him implicitly through dark and difficult days of uncertainty.

When you come to hear me speak, BRING YOUR BIBLE. 
I'm not here to entertain you. I'm here to show you
TRUTH from God's Holy Word. 

The Beautiful Treasure of Contentment
In this fast-paced world that prizes possessions and positions, be encouraged to CRAVE Christ and find satisfaction for your soul. 

Overflowing with Fruitfulness: Unlocking Your Unrealized Potential in Christ.  
Worn out? Weary? Longing for abundance? Journey with Beth through the vineyard of John 15. Discover our Father's amazing plan to keep your life overflowing with fruitfulness. Learn invigorating truths that will unlock your unrealized potential in Christ and begin flourishing today

The Inestimable Treasure of Truth
Who you claim Jesus is matters. The ability to decide between truth and error, right and wrong— determines where you will spend eternity. Many can teach the Bible; few can teach people how to study the Bible. In this interactive workshop Beth teaches women how to discover Truth for themselves so that they can discern Truth for themselves in order to distinguish between true and false teachers in a world full of charlatans. 

The Priceless Treasure of Open Dialogue
Jesus said, "From the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks." What do you do when the stakes are high, emotions heat up, and opinions differ? Most people open their mouth the speak and ... don't do so well. This interactive workshop is designed to help improve your dialogue skills when it matters most and emotions kick in. Beth will teach you five dialogue skills that will edify and encourage others leading to improved relationships, respect, and results.

The Timeless Treasure of Effective Listening
God gave us two ears and one mouth, yet few of us know how to effectively listen ... because we were never taught. Listening is the key to all effective communication and the golden key that unlocks and secures every relationship. Imagine the difference in our homes if we took the time to truly listen. In this workshop, Beth will give you six timeless tips for listening that will help you use your ears more effectively.

Most topics can be adapted for 1-4 sessions.
SOAR Portsmouth, NH
Contact Beth about speaking at your next event  beth.rudy@comcast.net or call Tracy at 717-799-0876.

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