Beth Rudy is an author, speaker, and consultant who encourages, equips, and empowers others to take charge of their personal and professional lives in ways that lead to greater health, fulfillment and happiness. Life is short. Live it and love it!

Passionate about God's Word, she brings the Bible to life and spurs her audiences to go deeper into God’s precepts, promises, and purposes.

Beth satisfies her ravenous appetite and unquenchable thirst for God in His Word, the Bible. Over the past several years, following intense daily reading and reflection on His Word, she has responded to God with love letters from her heart. Today her daily letter is called Prayer Pal and is published via email and the Internet as a witness of God’s love and faithfulness. Thousands of readers all over the world find Beth’s daily Prayer Pals eloquently express their own heart toward God.

She has planned and keynoted regional women's conferences, facilitated workshops and retreats, and regularly teaches communication and leadership classes in the community. A Precept Ministries certified instructor, she is almost always leading a discipleship class, teaching women how to discover God's truth for themselves.

While working as a top performing Account Executive for some of the world's largest companies, Beth managed to raise two young men, furthered her education, and volunteered in her community. She excelled at setting boundaries, managing her time, and finding a healthy work life balance.

Today she uses her vast experiences and cheerful personality while working for an organizational and leadership development firm that helps individuals and organizations make positive lasting life changes through training, speaking, coaching and consulting. She is blessed to be paid to do what she loves every day.

Beth holds a BS in Business Administration, is a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), and Certified Lean Practitioner. She is a Wiley Accredited Facilitator of both DiSC and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team; Certified Employee Engagement Trainer and Coach through The Culture Works, Certified Crucial Conversations and Crucial Accountability Trainer (two best selling training programs), and holds an Intermediate Certification in Bible from Lancaster Bible College.

Some fun facts about Beth! Each summer she freezes corn by blanching it in her … dishwasher. Teddy and Prince are her two beloved pooches who rarely leave her side. And, she affectionately refers to her husband of 30+ years as, Capt’n Safety. She’d be lost without him!


Linda Dean said...

Thank you for introducing me to this site that is so full of Hope and Inspirational words from our Lord
And Savior.

Linda Dean

Deb Devaney @ Devaney2001@aol.com said...

1WOW ... the details of "our story" are somewhat different and yet the same. Similar childhoods (again different details), I was driven to be overly functional and very successful, and I too had an event that turned my world UPSIDE DOWN. Again different to yours but I am forever grateful ... it brought to me an inner strength, God, who I took for granted and started to blame. God doesn't do bad things... people do and... making the connection to you has made my day in a HUGE WAY <3

Cynthia A. Brown said...

Beth, what a beautiful testimony of your story. Continue to do God's work. It is a sad fact that if you were that student today, the guidance counselor would not be allowed to talk to you about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.