Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Ephesians 1:5-6

Ephesians 1:5-6
God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure. So we praise God for the glorious grace he has poured out on us who belong to his dear Son. NLT

Abba, Father,
I'm thankful and joyful that You chose to adopt me into Your royal family, reserving a room for me in Your mansion in the sky. You will be my Father and I will be Your dearly loved child forever because of my relationship with Your Son. O how I love to tell of the marvelous grace You've poured out on me. 

Upon arriving in the hallowed halls of Your heaven, You'll wipe every tear from my eye. You'll crown me with compassion and clothe me with fine linen, white and clean purchased with the blood of Jesus. I'll be made new. My heart leaps for joy at the very thought of the rich inheritance for those whom You adopted in love.

Until we get there, we'll be seized by shame, suffering and sorrow. In the midst of misery, help us to live a life of love by rejoicing and giving thanks to You for bringing us into Your family. Singing sweet songs in sadness, and powerfully pleading for patience during pain, we'll smile when we feel like crying. When others around us hear our heavenly hope they'll join in the celebration when they choose to believe the blessed and beautiful words from our lips.

Thank You, Father for our identity and inheritance. They are our joy, delight and strength. No one can ever take this treasured heritage from us. Please put a smile on our faces today that reflects the love and joy in our hearts because of who we are in Jesus! Amen.

Knowing that God adopted you in love, what should your response be in the midst of suffering?  How will you live a life of love in order to share in Christ's glory?

Read how Paul & Silas live out their love in prison in Acts 16:16-40. What can you learn about their example?

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