Sunday, March 22, 2015

Blessings Along the Beltway

Last week, I had three days full of blessings along the Baltimore Washington Beltway. The diverse people God puts in my path always amazes me. As a memorial of what God has done for me here are a few of my divine encounters.

On Monday I spent significant time discussing the Bible with someone who's view of Jesus differs from mine. We discussed works, religion vs. relationship, and the meaning of LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, MIND SOUL, AND STRENGTH … and love your neighbor as yourself. My focus is on loving God, then others. His focus is on love your neighbor, ignoring love the Lord. Interestingly, one of the principles we teach in Crucial Accountability is Closing the Performance Gap. I was able to tie that into God’s plan for salvation. This is Crucial Accountability: One day we will stand before God and give an account for what we've done. There is a large chasm separating man and God. Jesus Christ's death on the cross made a way for man to cross the chasm into God's presence. Jesus closed the performance gap for those who accept Him as Lord. 

Tuesday in DC, I met two young ladies who are interpreters at the Smithsonian Institute Museum of Native American History. I was able to invite them to have lunch with one of the NYT Bestselling authors of Crucial Conversations. What are the chances they'd attend an event in DC and sit with a friend of the author who would spontaneously invite them to lunch? Just like coming to the Lord’s Lunch, it’s all in WHO you know! Didn't he also find people in the streets and invite them to lunch? Those who accept Him as Lord will be invited to Wedding Feast of the Lamb. 

A nurse and Commander with the US Public Health Service, a little known branch of the US Military, also joined us for lunch. She had just returned from a 60-day stint in Liberia where she served Ebola patients.  Hearing her heart of compassion for the sick, dying and desperate was like listening in on a conversation with Jesus.

Tuesday had great highs, and deep lows. While I was with the gals from the Native American Museum, my dear Native American friend, Tom, lost his battle with cancer.  I was one of the last people to speak with him, and am left scratching my head, wondering where he will spend eternity. 

On Wednesday, at a conference in Baltimore City I was introduced to a 3 Star General. He was not only poised, polished and powerful, but also polite and personable. His prominence commanded respect, giving me a glimpse of Jesus who is astonishingly more poised, polished, and powerful, yet ever so personable, and worthy of my highest respect.

I also met a dear brother in Christ from a church 60 miles from my home who knew my former Pastor. And, I sat at a table full of strangers for lunch and discovered that the young lady sitting next to me lives just five miles from my house. What are the chances of those two encounters along the busy Baltimore Washington Beltway?

Later at an event in Bethesda I met lots of new friends. People want to know how I landed this gig as a Senior Consultant representing bestselling training. This gives me the opportunity to inspire them with my courageous story about leaving a prosperous career to pursue a job I'd love. Two women reached out to me afterwards, asking to stay in touch because my story really encouraged them to follow their dreams.

God blessed me with a chauffeur who happens to be a like-minded co-worker to take me in and out of DC and Bethesda, beautiful four and five star hotels to lay down my head, delicious food at fine restaurants, and an abundance of wonderful new friends. I'm grateful for His provision and protection, and all the interesting people He put in my path. All glory, honor and praise to Him.

Is it any wonder that I love what I do? I obeyed God, walked away from an unfulfilling job, sought Him and He provided this incredible opportunity that fits my personality and lifestyle like a hand in a glove.

But they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not grow weary; they shall walk and not faint. - Isaiah 40"31

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