Monday, June 09, 2014

Luke 12:7b

Jesus said, "Don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." Luke 12:7b

Thank You for the sparrows You send to our windows to remind us that we're worth more than the birds of the air!  

Please don't let me feel discouraged by the darkness of shadows. My heart will never be lonely with You as my constant companion and caretaker. You promise to always watch over me. With You in me, my heart will not be troubled. Near to You, I will hear You tenderly say, "Don't be afraid, my child. You're worth more than many sparrows." Let me rest on the goodness of your precious promise.

Just as Your eye is always on the sparrow, I by faith I will trust You to keep Your eye on me. Within Your sight, I will sing joyfully. When I'm tempted to fear; when storm clouds arise; when songs give way to sighing, and when all the hope in my heart dies ... help me to remember that I'm worth more to You than many sparrows. Draw me close to You and lead me safely through this perilous world to heaven's gate where You'll welcome me home. Please dear God, take away my fears today in the name of Jesus. Amen. 

God commands: Don't be afraid.  

He promises: You are worth more than many sparrows.

Do you believe God? Will you rest on His promise today? You are worth more than many sparrows. He provides for them and will sustain you even more. Do not be afraid. Trust Him.

A mama sparrow recently built her nest in the birdhouse outside my kitchen window. I was blessed to watch her prepare a safe haven for her little ones. Likewise, when we hide God's Spirit in our hearts, He surrounds our souls with a safe shelter. 

A short time later the baby birds were born. I was blessed to see their mama faithfully bring them food. She feed them bit by bit while I watched from the kitchen window. God reminded me that He will feed His children too, bit by bit. 

Soon, the cute little birds spread their wings and soared from the safety of the birdhouse to a branch on the tree, and into the wild blue yonder where they will weather all kinds of storms. As we trust God with all our hearts, He will teach us to spread our wings and soar above the storms of life.  

Fly little birdies! Fly! 

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