Thursday, November 03, 2011

Isaiah 45:3

I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness-secret riches. I will do this so you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, the one who calls you by name. NLT

Keeper of the Hidden Treasure,

O how I cherish Your promises! I can be absolutely sure that You'll lead me to the vast cache of valuables that are veiled in the Vault of Your Word.

Taking Your hand, You'll lead me to the precious Pearls of patience perfected in the patriarchs who journeyed through the valley ahead of me. You'll guide me to opulent promises more stunning than rainbow-colored Opals refined in dry and desolate deserts. Steering me through the hidden passages of Scriptures, I'll have unimpeded and unlimited access to Your most precious possessions. In the Treasury of Your Word, I'll be awestruck by:

Truth more timeless than Topaz

Righteousness radiating more richly than Rubies

Everlasting love more beautiful than Emeralds

Almighty Power greater than ancient Amethyst

Saving grace more splendid than Sapphires

Understanding more brilliant than Diamonds

Redemption more reflective than pure gold

Endurance more genuine than Garnets

Security more sure than Spinels

O Lord, I stand in awe of You! You are Sovereign King, Owner of Everything! Your gracious generosity takes my breath away. To find the infinite inheritance of heaven, I simply need to follow You through the intimidating valleys of darkness and intensely dry deserts of despair, accepting Your treasured promises one by one as a token of Your matchless love and kindness toward me, the child You chose and called by name. Alleluia, thank You Jesus. Amen.

God promises to give you treasures that are hidden the Vault of His Word; secrets only unveiled in the valley darkness. If you're presently confused, in the dark, not sure where God's leading you, open your Bible and ask Him to show you what's most valuable to Him today. Consider the Word He gives you a gem of great worth. Claim it. Write it on the tablet of your heart, reflect on it throughout the day, and remember it's a gift to you, the child He chose and called by name.

Spinel is the great impostor of gemstone history: many famous rubies in crown jewels around the world are actually spinels. The most famous is the Black Prince's ruby, a magnificent 170-carat red spinel that now adorns the Imperial State Crown of England in the British Crown Jewels after a long history: Henry V even wore it on his battle helmet! The Timur ruby, a 361-carat red spinel now owned by Queen Elizabeth, has the names of some of the Mughal emperors who previously owned it engraved on its face: an undeniable pedigree!


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