Thursday, March 17, 2011

Psalm 34:9,11

Let the LORD's people show him reverence,
for those who honor him will have all they need.
Come, my children, and listen to me,
and I will teach you to fear the LORD. NLT

Holy One of Israel,

With all due respect I come to You, bowing down before Your majesty. Silently, I gaze upon Your mysterious, glorious presence. Approaching Your throne, with overwhelming gratitude I'm certain that You'll teach me to love and respect You. It is an incredible privilege to sit under Your divine instruction. Please give me a tender heart, a teachable spirit, and a yielded will to learn to properly honor and revere You above every other person or thing that exists.

Admittedly, I'd prefer to learn in a comfortable, pleasant setting, but because of Who You are, I'm willing to attend the classroom of Your choice even if the conditions are rough and harsh. You know the best place to impart wisdom on me. Using the Holy Bible as my textbook, I'll learn of Your inconceivable love and Your holy anger. I'll understand that while You're compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in love, You also punish the guilty. Love and justice are both expressions of Your holiness that I need to be familiar with.

O wise and wonderful Teacher, tune my ears to listen amidst all the commotion and confusion going on around me. Help me to remain poised and focused on the importance of each perfectly planned lesson. Empower me to tirelessly study Your Words every day of my life. Write them as notes on my heart so that I'll remember them through life's challenging tests. Above all, may I always keep in mind, that You are and have the Only right answer, JESUS. As I grow by grace, in the knowledge of Your holiness, I'll be eager to do Your will, Your way because I am respectfully Yours. Amen.

Consistent Bible reading is a tough assignment! You may need help with it. Ask someone to pray for you. Get a "study buddy" - a brother or sister you can meet with regularly to share the lessons you're learning in the classroom of your heart. In doing so, you'll be praising and honoring your holy God, blessing one another, and inspiring each other to persevere through the difficult tests.

Reverence is much more than sitting quietly in church, it includes doing God's will His way.

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