Thursday, November 25, 2010

100 Things I'm Thankful For

1. Out of all the people on the face of the earth, I have been chosen by the Most High King.
2. I am loved by the King with an everlasting love that cannot be broken.
3. I’ve been adopted into the King’s family and I belong to Him.
4. I’m accepted by the King with all my faults and failures.
5. I’ve been redeemed. My tattered and torn rags have been traded for a pure robe of righteousness; my tarnished chains for opulent pearls.
6. I am forgiven!! All my mistakes – past, present, and future – BIG, medium, and small have been forever erased by the blood of Christ.
7. My chains are gone I’ve been set free! My God, my Savior has ransomed me!
8. I am free from the dark dungeon of despair, disappointment, and disgrace.
9. I am free to live in the Light of the World, and to be a torch bearer for the King.
10. My Father, the King, delights in me. I am the apple of His eye.
11. I have hope.
12. I have a bright future.
13. I have incredible power – all of the Almighty God is mine in Christ Jesus.
14. I have access to the same power that raised Jesus from the dead because I am seated next to Him in heaven, and He is seated next to the King of the Universe.
15. My heart is happy because of who I am in Christ.
16. I can give thanks in all things, at all times because of who I am in Christ.
17. I have peace that surpasses all understanding. No peace. No Jesus. Know peace. Know Jesus.
18. I do not have to be afraid of anything.
19. I am victorious!
20. I can walk on the heights!
21. I am immeasurably blessed!
22. I have an imperishable inheritance awaiting me.
23. I’m guaranteed a room in the King’s castle.
24. I am full of vibrant, abundant life. Man may kill my body; but he cannot kill my Spirit.
25. I can stand tall and confident in a corrupt culture when I adhere to God’s good standards for living.
26. I have the whole Bible and am free to read it openly.
27. I know how The Story ends.
28. Wisdom and discernment.
29. I’ve been blessed with incredible talents: the ability to relate to people, the ability to influence others; the ability to communicate both orally and in writing.
30. I grew up in a solid home with one mom and one dad who modeled love and commitment.
31. My Dad is canoeing down the River of Life. Blessed assurance!
32. My Mom is strong and healthy – against all odds.
33. I married a man who loves and adores me even though I can be a wicked witch.
34. The man I married supports me in all my adventures in life and faith.
35. The man I married is my pillar.
36. The man I married is compassionate.
37. The man I married keeps me balanced and removes activities from my overflowing plate in order to keep me healthy.
38. The man I married worries; so I don’t have to.
39. My husband has a good work ethic.
40. My husband has a job.
41. I have a job and have been blessed with an incredible income.
42. We have two healthy sons.
43. Our sons have made wise choices, thus far.
44. Our sons are chosen too and have accepted the call.
45. We have a comfortable home that’s almost paid for.
46. We have an abundance of food as evidenced in our physiques.
47. We have heat in the winter.
48. We have air conditioning in the summer.
49. We have pure water.
50. We have running water.
51. We have hot water.
52. We have 3 bedrooms and no one has to share a bed – except Craig and me, by choice; we don’t have to sleep on straw, we have pillow top mattresses and warm, clean blankets.
53. A good night’s sleep
54. We have 4 reliable cars – one for each driver.
55. We are all healthy.
56. Our kids have access to free and good education.
57. We have access to the best medical care in the world.
58. Our kids have been protected from evil.
59. I have two sisters and one brother and we all get along.
60. Childhood memories.
61. My nieces and nephews.
62. My siblings and their children have all been chosen and set apart; and have accepted the higher call.
63. My friends – old and new.
64. God’s leading us to Faith Bible Fellowship Church.
65. Pastor Thomann and his sound Bible teaching.
66. Pastor Claire and Carlene and the exceptional and extravagant care they’ve shown to Craig and me.
67. Pastor Keith Long and other godly men involved with the youth and the impact they’ve had on Nic.
68. Joel Hess and the impact he had on Jon.
69. Nancy Meyer my writing and speaking coach.
70. Brian Funk, Dick Boyer, and Nancy Meyer who saw my potential and encouraged me to pursue it.
71. Pastor Thomann and Pastor Claire who have affirmed my call to write and speak, and have picked up where others have left off.
72. My prayer partners.
73. My boss who is fun, full of energy, and a great coach.
74. Great co-workers.
75. The freedom and flexibility to work from home.
76. Jane and the precious gift of her friendship that God gave me on the Christmas of 2005. The honor of carrying her cross.
77. David and the privilege to be the hands and feet of Jesus to him.
78. The friends who have come into my life through tragedy: Peggy and Sherrie.
79. Rosemarie and the precious gift of her friendship God gave me on the Christmas of 2006.
80. The business relationship that resulted in divine connections: Michelle, Donna, Missy and Aunt Crystal – in 2006.
81. The opportunity to personally meet Henry Blackaby in 2006 and thank him for the influence he had on my life through Experiencing God.
82. Henry Blackaby, Ann Graham Lotz, Kay Arthur, and Beth Moore who taught me how to study God’s Word for myself.
83. Claudia and the way God connected our lives in 2007.
84. My small group: The Shorters, The Kreiders, The Pongonis’, The Santos’, The Spanglers
85. My two adorable dogs
86. Amazing vacations and all the spectacular places on earth I have seen.
87. The mighty majestic mountains
88. Quiet moments alone with God
89. The roaring oceans teeming with life
90. Fresh air to breath
91. Changing seasons
92. The sun on my face
93. Green grass and blue skies
94. Fantastic neighbors who are also best friends: The Martins and Lapps!
95. I live in a free nation; the most prosperous nation in the world.
96. The men and women who have fought for my freedom
97. Toastmasters and how it has helped me grow personally and professionally
98. The story God’s given me and the influence it has on others
99. Each of the 15 girls I met and ministered to at the fall youth retreat in 2010
100. Massages and facials

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Karena said...

It would take a while to do something like this, but it would make you realize just how much you are blessed with :)